Sunday, July 03, 2011

Pardon me...

...would you have any Montpoupon? That's what I think of whenever I see this château out in the countryside near where we live. For the non-Americans among you, the line is from a television advertising campaign for the dijon-style mustard called "Grey Poupon." That commercial has gone down in the annals of advertising history, I'm sure.

The Château de Montpoupon in its picturesque country setting. Click to pouponify.

Once, in San Francisco, I was in traffic on what was apparently "Prom Night." A rented limousine filled with teenagers was in the traffic flow. While waiting for a stoplight, one of the young revelers, all gussied up in a tuxedo, stood up through the car's moon roof and yelled, "Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?" It was pretty funny. Of course, I checked my glove box but I was fresh out.

The Château de Montpoupon is home to a renowned hunting museum. Two towers remain from the original thirteenth century castle; most of the current building dates from the fifteenth century. Montpoupon is privately owned and lived in.


  1. Splendid photo! And thanks for the link to the commercial. I've enjoyed it so many times, often in abbreviated form, when I used to look at TV.

  2. We passed Chateau de Montpoupon on our way to somewhere else not knowing it existed. Coming around the bend - there it was, never to be forgotten.

  3. I would love to see their heating bill!

  4. i think thats the one we saw from the road and wondered about....glad to have is lovely

  5. lucky people; to live in something with so much history! Where I live everything is new; '1960' is considered old

  6. First I read "a renowned haunting museum" to which I thought to be a neat idea... my mistake!
    Such scenery is the only reason why I'd like to live in the land of my ancestors!
    Happy 4th of July

  7. chm, I think there are several version of that commercial, but this one is the first one they made.

    leon, it is an unexpected sight, even if you know it's there.

    starman, really!

    judy, :)

    michael, and I'm even older than that.

    deepblue, that would be neat! Happy 4th!

  8. I always loooved those commercials - how funny the teens said that to you! Were they able to see you check your glovebox?

    The clouds add so much to your picture of the Château. Gorgeous day for a photo. Have you ever been through the hunting museum?


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