Saturday, July 16, 2011

Periodic Puppy Pics

This summer has been quite nice. Not too hot, but there have been hot days. Not rainy, of course we could use some more rain. But still. The weather has been overall very pleasant and we're still enjoying it. Even if I can now notice the days getting a bit shorter. Grrrrr.

Can you see her tongue sticking out? She does this all the time. It's so cute.

On the nice days, after I've done a few chores in the morning and had a good lunch, I often sit out on the deck. Sometimes I plug in the discman and listen to some music. Other times I just sit there and watch the jet airliners drift by. Callie is often out there with me, snoozing. Like this time.

Callie snoozing next to the geraniums. Typical summer fun.

I couldn't resist taking a few dozen photos of her sleeping. She's a pretty dog.


  1. She's a beauty, that's for sure.

  2. Ohhhh, the little tongue, that's adorable!

  3. Dogs are so wonderful stress relievers. She's a beauty! :)

  4. Even she couldn't stifle a yawn

  5. It's a dogs life, lucky Callie! Is she still a puppy?

  6. Love both pics of Callie. Thank you :-)
    She is such a lovely dog.

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  8. i found your blog via link from Betty in France....she and i went to school together. anyway, i am an american living in australia...
    i too own a border collie (she is a bc right?) mine is "Jasper the Wonder Dog" and he is 15 months old.
    Callie is BEAUTIFUL!
    Would love to send thru' a shot of jasper...
    Renee from the land downunder

  9. Awwwwww.........

    I'm sure you feel that Callie will always be a puppy. That's how I feel about my three year old puppy.

  10. pretty dog; perhaps all dogs are in the common category as 'pretty'?

  11. craig, and I tell her all the time.

    rick, it really is funny; she often has it sticking out a lot more than this.

    jon, thanks!

    mark, walkman (tapes), discman (cds), ipod (electrons).

    carolyn, :)

    balimoz, nope!

    kristi, she's four and half, so she hasn't been a puppy for a while. But she's still our pup.

    t.b., we agree!

    renee, thanks!

    bettyann, right!

    evol, right up there!

    michael, especially dogs that show up on blogs. ;)

  12. She is lovely... there are 3 terriers in Oregon that wish to sniff her butt.


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