Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seal-ed with a kiss

To be more accurate, sea-lioned with a kiss. The sea lions at the Beauval zoo put on a little show daily. They do lots of swimming, jumping, balancing of balls on noses, fetching, clapping and barking, and kissing. It's a nice demonstration of the agility and intelligence of these big marine creatures. A sea lion is une otarie in French.


The commentary during the show is very heavy on the ecological. For example, at one point one sea lion fetches a plastic water bottle that someone has carelessly "discarded in the ocean." He takes it to the keeper who then tosses it into a waste can. But something is wrong. The sea lion barks and barks and finally jumps up onto the platform. He retrieves the bottle from the waste can and deposits it in the adjacent recycle bin. The narrator reminds the audience to look for the recycle bins throughout the park and be sure to separate trash from recyclables. Lesson learned.

All the animals have names, but I don't remember any of them. The keepers have names, too. I don't remember those, either.


  1. In today's episode, hear Annabel say to Richard "Hey, Mr. Whiskers, wanna jump in the pool with me?"

  2. What a great way to teach a leçon! We are hoping to meet some friends on the Esplanade des Invalides and then walk over to the Champ de Mars for the Benabar concert (if we can get close enough) and the fireworks. It's supposed to be cold. Remind me again...this is JULY, right?

  3. I almost forgot to tell you about this, although a little late. We were at the Hollywood farmers market on Sunday, it's the best, and a vendor had the round zucchini like the ones you posted. Little things in life make me so happy. :)

  4. bill, ah, so you know their names!

    starman, how was the show? I saw snippets on the morning news.

    mike, cool. I think I like the round ones better than the baseball bats I usually grow.

  5. Next time I am there I will buy some.


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