Monday, August 01, 2011

Good-bye to Amboise

After visiting Amboise's château and taking a walk through the main part of town (in a light rain), we took our friends J and C back to the train in Blois for their return to Paris. It was a fun and all-too brief visit.

What remains of the Château d'Amboise perched high above the Loire.

The day after, Ken and I were invited to lunch at our neighbors' house across the street. We had a very nice and relaxed time. There were only five of us and lunch was tasty. We had to eat indoors because the weather was cool and damp. That was Thursday.

On Friday (July 22) we were to pick up more friends from California at the TGV station in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps. Geri, Phil, and their two children, Julia (9), and Conor (6), were coming from London to spend a long weekend with us.


  1. You guys really are party animals....
    Is Amboise where we went to see the Da Vinci museum?

  2. What a busy time you're having, but at least it gives you a reason to go and see all the sights (again) !!

  3. It's so hard to really get a shot of Amboise that doesn't just focus on the big wall... this one is great :)

  4. I'm loving your photos of Amboise, thanks!

  5. Whenever I see these amazing fortresses built on hillsides, I can't help thinking of the poor workers who did the hard labor. Truly death-defying, and let's hope most of them defied it while they were on the job.

  6. ginny, the great Cathedrals were also very dangerous to work on. There was one, perhaps Beauvais, where a Bishop who was visiting stone workers constructing an arch fell 70 feet to his death. Definitely not up to OSHA standards!


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