Monday, August 22, 2011

Apples and mint

The apples on our trees and on the trees all around the hamlet are ready to pick. They're looking better than they have in a long time. This year's crop will certainly be better than last year's. There are so many apples that most of them end up in the compost pile. You can't give the things away; nearly everyone has their own.

Apples on the well with mint. Click to mentholate.

But we have good intentions this year. Ken's made apple jelly in the past and I'm hoping he'll do up a bunch again this year. I will make some tarts and pies and other things with the best of the apples, both from our trees and from some of the neighbors' trees (they have different varieties).

As I've mentioned, each time I cut the grass this time of year, I have to go around and pick up all the fallen apples just before. The lawnmower doesn't like them. I did this on Saturday. These four apples fell between the time I finished picking up the apples and the time I got the lawnmower out. I thought they looked nice sitting on the vrai faux puits (real fake well). The mint inside the well is flowering now.


  1. Is it that time already? I think I joined your Blog last year around this time. I guess it's our Anniversary! One year of bliss.
    Good Morning!
    Your Friend, m.

  2. What a beautiful pic! And I love the idea of mint growing in the 'real fake well.'

  3. Great photo composition. I'll be that it smelled good, too :)

  4. Love the photograph and I love apples. Though I tend to not cook with them. The only processed apple food that I like is applesauce, which has actually become too sweet for me. But I love eating apples! :D

  5. Great photo....I'm thinking some mint apple jelly for lamb, too. I have only one apple tree and it has a good harvest only every other year. This is one of the off years, alas...

  6. I love that picture of the looks just like mine out back! Wonderful blog! If you'd like to visit mine, it's at I love to cook, as well!

  7. We live in the DFW area and I have a TON of mint!!! No apples.....but there is an orchard near us. Just found your blog and am looking forward to your posts.

  8. mark, happy anniversary! Do I get a present?

    buddybear, it's a good place for mint since it can't spread outside of the well.

    judy, the mint always smells good!

    writer, I love cooked apples. The best thing about cooking them at home is that you can control the amount of sugar that goes in.

    kristi, ours are the same. This year is a good year. There will be fewer apples next year.

    starman, :)

    witchywoman, thanks for the link and thanks for stopping by!

    linda, welcome!

  9. I'm still around. You're welcome! m.


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