Thursday, August 25, 2011

More apples

One of our apple trees produces these brilliantly red apples. They're red all over with no hint of green at all in their skins. The flesh is very soft and the apples go mushy quite quickly. They're also more susceptible to hungry insects. Get 'em while they're firm!

Red apples on the tree after a morning shower.

Because they rot quickly, they make one heck of a mess on the ground. The completely rotted fruit gets mushed by the lawnmower, but I have to pick up the other fruit that still has hard bits before I mow. I inevitably step (and nearly slip and fall) on the mushy apples while picking up the others.


  1. Sounds like an awful mess. But the color is spectacular.

  2. Bet they make good applesauce.

  3. What an amazing colour! Do they taste as good as they look? A shame they go mushy and cause problems underfoot.

  4. At first, I thought they were tomatoes.

  5. Indeed a fabulous colour Walt. Such a shame to waste them but I can appreciate that it's difficult to use so many apples, especially when they spoil so quickly.

  6. I guess they make up for their messiness with their beauty!

    Fantastic photo!

  7. mitch, it did turn out nice.

    vtt, these apples aren't very good raw, I'm sorry to say. They're best for cooking.

    sheila, that they do.

    n&a, they don't taste all that good, IMHO. They're fine, but there are better ones around.

    starman, hehehe! They do kind of look like tomatoes, don't they?

    craig, oh, we have thousands. But I like to think that composting them is just as good a use as anything else.

    writer, :)

    bettyann, thanks!


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