Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Potimarron progress

This is one of several potimarrons (red kuri squash) in our garden this year. It's the first time I've grown them and I'm looking forward to tasting them. They're like pumpkins, but they're smaller and the flesh is less sweet than a traditional pumpkin.

One of about five potimarrons in our vegetable garden.

I like winter squash and we've had one variety or another in our vegetable garden pretty much every year now. I saved the seeds from a squash we bought at the market to grow these.


  1. Yes, but can you make a jack-o-lantern out of them?

  2. I somehow knew Mark was going to immediately think of Jack-O-Lanterns! Beautiful!

  3. We get these from the farm, and they are my favorite. I think it's a kind of kabocha squash. It's wonderful, and certainly you could make a Jack-o-Lantern from them. But I wouldn't waste them that way. They are so delicious.

  4. Would you make a pumpkin pie type dessert with it, do you think? or eat it as a savory dish with a meal?

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  7. it looks ready for Cinderella's coach.

  8. mark, I dunno. They're too good to eat!

    mitch, :)

    kristi, I've seen them called red kuri squash.

    judy, I think both are good. I've done savory, but I will try a sweet version this year.

    michael, you're such a romantic!


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