Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grapes, it's what's for dinner

This is what's going on out in the vineyard right now. I read on another blog that it's called véraison. I had never heard that word before, but it is indeed French for the maturing of fruit, and in the US wine industry it refers to grapes.

This is probably sauvignon blanc. It's the white grape that's most common around here.

The grapes out back are maturing at a rapid pace now. The growers will soon be out there checking the sugar levels to determine when to start harvesting. I suspect the harvest is probably a few weeks away yet. We've had some good rain recently, and now we're in for a spell of sunny, warm, and dry, which the grapes should like.

This could be gamay, cabernet, or côt. I can't tell the difference.

Our garden vegetables should like that, too. The tomatoes have started coming in and we've had one or two eggplant. But there's plenty of fruit on the plants and the warm days will be very good for it. Yum.


  1. It's fun to follow your voyage from wintery, snow-covered yard, to summer harvest of a lush vegetable garden every year.

  2. Can a photo be sumptuous? Yours are. They make me want to pluck those grapes.

  3. Your photography is amazing1 LOVE the shot of the purple grapes. Are you using a macro lens on your camera? Or how do you get such great tight shots?


  4. I wasn't going to mention the lighter hair color. ;)

  5. In Ontario the grapes have a local spin to them; Vidal and Baco Noir etc.


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