Saturday, August 13, 2011

Morning in the back garden

Here's a view of our back yard looking east this past Thursday morning. And just so you know I wasn't sipping wine at sunrise, the apple tree does lean and the yard does slope down toward the north. The house sits on the crest of a ridge between two streams, which is why there are vineyards here. Good drainage.

The rising sun shines through an open spot in the trees. Click to gardenate.

You can clearly see our largest apple tree in the middle. One of the smaller apple trees is visible in the back on the left, covered in red apples. And that's our sweet corn, now topped with tassels and growing ears of golden goodness.

I cut down a dying apple tree earlier this year. The stump is under that clump of grass on the left, and the trunk is lying in the gravel path. I'll get the chainsaw out there and cut that up real soon.


  1. Apple wood makes a lovely fragrant fire. I haven't seen that since I was a child. Your yard looks great, full of life.

  2. Good grief what a huge apple tree. What will you do with all?

  3. Your corn looks great. The whole yard does. The apple tree doesn't seem to have suffered from losing that large branch that split off while we were there.

    It's a beautiful yard that keeps you and Ken very busy! Imagine if you had an outside job? How would you ever keep up? lol

  4. You are going to have a truck load of apples.

  5. As always, I love these photos of your yard. Beautiful!

  6. So glad you told me that the yard, and not you, is what is tipsy. Look at all those apples!

  7. All those lovely apples.....tart tatin until eternity....heaven !!

  8. rick, thanks!

    kristi, this year I'll be burning some apple and some plum along with the oak. And maybe some grape, too!

    cubby, most of it goes into the compost which, in turn, ends up in the vegetable garden next year. We'll cook with some and make a big batch of apple jelly with others.

    ginny, yeah, the apple tree is big enough that losing that branch wasn't too bad. But the tree is old and is full of mistletoe (as you saw), so there's no telling how much longer it's got.

    starman, that's an understatement!

    judy, :)

    mitch, I like my wine, but there are limits... very few, but there are. ;)

    jean, come by and get some!

  9. What an inviting backyard!

    I've got a craving for apples...

    Mary in Oregon

  10. Look at those golden rays of the morning sun peaking through the trees onto the lawn. Your home looks so cozy and inviting.


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