Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Standard summer flower

My memory has never been very good. I can't remember the name of this flower, and if I had remembered to write it down somewhere, I can't remember where that would be. The flower shows up every year on a shrub out in the vineyard, not far from our house. It's right along the dirt road, near the old maison du vigneron (a storage shed out among the grapes).

I'd appreciate learning what this plant is called. Anyone?

I've published photos of it before, the last one in July of 2007. This is definitely its time for flowering. It always seems to catch my eye when it's wet with morning dew.

This week's weather is turning out very nice. Sunny and warm with temperatures in the mid to upper 20s (that's around 80ºF). I haven't had to water the vegetable garden lately as we've been having some nice rain in between the sunny spells. Perfect summer weather.

I find I'm repeating myself. We're really tuned into the weather these days as the garden is maturing. What goes on in the sky is important. We've put a lot of time and effort into the garden and we get a little nervous about the quality and quantity of our harvest.


  1. Is it a choisya? also known as Mexican orange blossom.

  2. I don't know the name of that beautiful shrub, but I would
    take a cutting for rooting if
    it were me.

    The new photo is great...a

  3. I agree that it looks like it's in the orange blossom family.

  4. Please tell Sarkozy and Merkel not to fix things up till we've returned from the eurozone. We don't want the euro any stronger just yet.

  5. Looks like Mexican orange blossom to me too.

  6. Again, I'm blown away by the beauty of your photographs. You manage to capture beautiful fruits and flowers with pristine dew droplets or raindrops. Just lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Judging from past posts, you don't seem to have much to worry about. Your garden always seems to produce huge quantities of good things.

  8. Lovely Walt, made my day!

  9. Have you considered a part-time position as a plant photographer for a nursery? You could do it! Just the perfect shots of all of the flowers. I thought maybe you took a little water sprayer out with you to make sure there were droplets when you snapped the photo! I'm not familiar with this plant so I appreciate knowing about it now. Merci.

    Mary in Oregon

  10. I would probably simply call it what it is: Beautiful! :)

  11. sharon, I think you may be right. Thanks!

    sheila, I'll have to do some research to see how best to propagate it.

    bettyann, that seems to be the consensus!

    carolyn, indeed not! But they may be looking for a way to weaken it a bit so European exports are more competitive.

    andrew, yup. I think that's it!

    mb, thank you so much!

    starman, still, we worry. LOL

    ron, cool!

    mary, no. I just know that if I tried to do this professionally, I would mess it up. Too much pressure. ;)

    writer, they are quite pretty!


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