Monday, August 15, 2011

I sleep all night and I work all day

Well, maybe not ALL day. I have given in to recent goading to post a photo of myself wearing my lumberjack shirt. It's not really a lumberjack shirt, but it is red and plaid, and, well, gosh-darn-it, it is MY lumberjack shirt. So here you go.

I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok. And I'm starting to look my age. Ugh.

I'm getting close to the end of this season's lumberjacking. We get our wood in meter-long logs. Since our wood stove will only accommodate logs that are forty centimeters long, I have to cut our logs into thirds. That way I know they will fit. What you see behind me in the picture is the wood that I've cut so far. There are some leftovers from last year, then some of the wood from our downed trees, and in front is the oak we bought last Christmas.

The pile is almost three-deep now. I hope that when I'm done it will be a little more, close to four deep. That should be enough for the season, unless it's real cold. If that happens, I have a big pile of vine trunks that I can burn, so we should be ok. The little stuff piled up on the right-hand side is kindling. There's is more of that out in the back yard to be cut and stacked.

Our normal routine in winter is to use the oil-fired boiler to heat the house in the morning, then turn it off mid-day and build a fire for the afternoon and evening. I'm hoping we won't have to do this until November, but you never know. A small fire now and then in October is not unheard of.


  1. I'm impressed... very butch. But you're leaving yourself wide open if you're going down the Monty Python route. When do we see you dressed in womens underwear? :)

  2. Damn

    I was just about to ask that (the women's underwear bit!)

    All the best


  3. I won't say anything about how that's actually my shirt. I never thought of it as lumber-jacky, but it did always remind me of a shirt my grandfather would have worn.

  4. Very chic. You're going to be inundated with requests for other dressing up photos now !!

  5. Walt - Did I inspire you with my MP comment. Can't stop having a giggle mate.

  6. Are you sporting some work boots too? Cuz that would be the icing on the cake! m.

  7. It's a very cozy-looking shirt, I'd say :)

  8. Hey, if you want to look younger, just put on shades and hold a glass of wine as in your sidebar pic. Maybe not a good idea while you have a chainsaw in your hands though!

    Thanks for the red plaid shirt photo. :)

  9. We have old clothes that are relegated to wearing for 'doing jobs' - usually when I just can't iron them again, or be bothered to sew on buttons or they have bleach or paint spots.
    That shirt still looks the business to me!

  10. The absolute worst part of getting older is watching your body rot.

  11. What a handsome guy! You look like a real manly-man holding that chain saw.

  12. Of course we want more pictures of Blue Eyes... in any type of outfit! (have you got any leather???) LOL!

    I'm getting old to. I'd rather enjoy it than complain.

    C'est la vie!


  13. Well, as long as you don't act your age it's OK. Where's Babe the blue ox?

  14. Oh, the truth will out. Not even really YOUR lumberjack shirt! But it does suit you. And not bad to look your age when it's only 35, is it?

  15. Great shirt, great chain saw.
    Cut some more, it will be a cold one.

  16. Click on the picture to Bunyonize it.

  17. I'm still laughing after reading all of the above comments. hehehehehehe

    I didn't realize we had the power to "demand" that you pose for us...

    Thanks. And, are you guys disorganized in anything? What a great-lookiing and well-organized woodpile. You must have been a boy scout. :-0

    Mary in Oregon

  18. craig, if it would bring me the kind of money Michael Palin makes, I'd consider it.

    keith, ditto. ;)

    jean, a top model I'm not.

    leon, you are a true inspiration!

    mark, they make work boots?

    judy, it is. And it was a hot day so I just put it on for the picture. You can see my hair dripping with sweat under the cap.

    bettyann, that's my rule: I don't operate power tools after wine o'clock.

    lesley, we do the same, but you're right, that shirt is still one I can wear out of the house.

    starman, I will close my eyes.

    buddybear, what you can't see is how my legs and shoes are covered in sawdust.

    jon, just one leather jacket. And it's brown, not even black.

    john, if I acted my age I'd be up for an oscar!

    mitch, yup. That's right. In fact, my 17th 35th birthday is coming up this year.

    h.peter, there is more to cut, so if you're right, we'll be ready.

    cheryl, lol!

    mary, I was a cub scout. I had trouble with all the knots.

  19. I'm catching up and just saw this. Awesome shot--you look very macho!


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