Sunday, August 14, 2011

Senior moments

They're coming closer together these days. It seems we frequently have conversations that go like this:

Ken: What's on tv tonight?
Me: Something about the Adriatic*. "Treasures of the Adriatic," I think.
Ken: What channel?
Me: Three. I saw it in the tv guide.

A ladybug warming itself in the morning sun on a Queen Anne's Lace flower.

A little bit later:
Ken: What did you say was on tv tonight?
Me: "Treasures of the Adriatic."
Ken: That's not what it says here.
Me: Where?
Ken: In the tv guide. It says "A Woman Named Mary" is on.
Me: Well, when I looked it said "Treasures of the Adriatic."
Ken: Did you look at this week's tv guide? I have it right here.
Me: (grabbing the remote) Look, the satellite program info says "Treasures of the Adriatic."
Ken: They must be wrong. I have the new tv guide right here. Saturday, August 13, to Friday, August 19. It says "A Woman Named Mary" is on tonight.
Me: Today is Friday, August 12.
Ken: Oh. Never mind.

*Of course, whenever we hear the word "Adriatic," one of us will sing: "Albania, Albania, you border on the A-dri-atic..." Friday night was no exception. The song is from the old American sitcom called "Cheers" from many, many years ago. Here's a link.

"And your chief export is chrome."


  1. It's not fair to ask me questions about TV and other schedules without first telling me what day of the week it is. Isn't the whole point of retirement not having to worry about what day of the week it is?

  2. How old are you? I'm curious because what you described is not 'senior' for me. It's quite normal.

  3. Does saying things like this make me a Senior???
    And here I was thinking that I was enjoying my Freshman year.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Oh just gets even funnier in a few years.

  5. It is even worse when one lives alone with just a cat, and the above conversation still happens at my address :-0

    Mary in Oregon

  6. Ken, that was going to be my point... that wasn't a "Senior Moment", that was a "Retired-so-who-cares-what-day-of-the-week-it-is" moment ;))

  7. Welcome to my world Walt! Those "Senior Moments" are part of my every day life. Fun times. Sometimes we just have a good laugh about it. Can't take it to seriously. It is what it is.

  8. But at least, I hope you and Ken had a good laugh about it. The worst is looking for something that is right in front or you have to back track to try to remember why you came downstairs for, opened a door looking for something, but what... and on and on...

  9. We're with you all the way. Throw in a touch of hard of hearing and it's even more fun!

  10. The annoying thing is, I watched this happen to my parents and vowed I wouldn't let it happen to me. Little did I know........

  11. cubby, as Dr. Spo says, I'm well over four feet. Oh, that's not what you asked?

    mark, you're fresh, all right. ;)

    starman, I probably won't remember.

    mary, I talk to the dog all the time.

    judy, hehehe.

    ron, that's what they all say.

    nadege, that happens all the time.

    craig, eh? What's that you say?

    jean, scary...


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