Monday, August 29, 2011

The view

Since we were in farm country, the views from our gîte included a lot of corn. We were, in fact, on a little island in a sea of corn. We could hear cows mooing off in the distance, but none of the clanging cow bells that we remembered from down south in the Auvergne region.

The view out over the cornfields toward a neighboring farmhouse.

While the landscaping at the house was very simple, it was beautiful. The focus of the yard right in front of the house was a wonderfully lush hortensia (hydrangea). Some old stone feeding/drinking troughs had been filled with dirt and planted with perennial flowers that added more bright colors to our island-in-the-corn.


  1. Island in the corn, it was indeed! I still have a bouquet of hydrangea and sun flower here in the hotel. See you this afternoon...

  2. plenty of corn.... what made me think "Walt must have been right at home then"... :)

  3. Beautiful photo!
    Your Friend, m. who survived TMI and Irene. m.

  4. Was it a little misty there in the early mornings?

  5. What gorgeous hydrangeas. I used to dry them for winter, but have never had such lovely pink ones. Your soil must be more alkaline than ours.

  6. Serene is the word which comes to mind. Beautiful spot for a summer break. Not sure I'd like it so well in the depths of winter!

  7. Landscape photos are perhaps my favorite. I read somewhere where our ancestors were began on an African savannah. Whatever the reason, all I know that is looking out over a wide landscape brings me peace and tranquility. Very nice Walt.

  8. I am surprised there is corn in France. I got the impression corn is considered low-brow food. Unless the corn is for cattle.
    Dear me, you don't have HFCS there do you????

  9. evelyn, and now you're here!

    simon, I'll take that as a compliment...

    mark, I wondered how you survived too much information, then I realized what you meant.

    carolyn, well, it actually rained some.

    judy, it was!

    kristi, I have one at my house that's pink even though I add tea to the soil. I can't get it to be blue like it was when we got here.

    craig, I wonder what it would be like. Probably cold and wet.

    starman, thanks!

    ron, I like landscapes, too.

    michael, it's grown for feed. In France, humans eat corn (when they do) out of a can. As for HFCS, they do have it, but not as much. Just gotta stay away from the processed foods.

  10. WoW! that was pretty lovely indeed.=D


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