Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sunrise over the vines

This was Sunday's sunrise over the vineyards behind our house. The vineyards stretch out back for a mile or so before giving way to other kinds of agriculture and forests.

The trimmed vineyard looks like a green blanket pulled over the hillside. Click to embiggen.

You can see that the vines have been recently trimmed. The growers use big tractors with a cutting blade attachment that straddles each row, neatly trimming the tops and sides. Sometimes I see people (growers or their employees) walking the rows, trimming some of the vines by hand. I suspect they're removing leaves that are covering or shading the grape bunches so the grapes stay dry and ventilated; that way they'll ripen properly and not rot on the vine.


  1. Everyone's in to trimming their bushes these days. I say, let 'em grow!
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. I'll click to embiggen if I want.

  2. I hope I don't bore you with my constant raving about your always beautiful photos!

  3. How long to wait its fruit to be ripe ?

  4. It's amazing how it looks so manicured!

  5. Very nicely trimmed.
    Beautiful view for you! and us!

  6. Watching your vines in every season is a nice sort of 'clock' for me. It is nice to watch them grow and die back and come back in the spring.
    Next week when I am in Ontario, I will be among the vines; baco noir !

  7. I love the look of the vineyards when they've been trimmed. They are just so "manicured". Lovely photo.

  8. mark, I'll just let that go...

    mitch, bore me. Please. ;)

    balimoz, they should start the harvest sometime in September.

    starman, it is!

    mary, :)

    michael, enjoy!

    craig, thanks!

  9. Long landscape vistas, so soothing to the eye. I love all your pictures Walt. Thanks for sharing.


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