Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The barn

There was a second building on the property we rented: a barn. Built entirely of stone. The barn was made of three distinct sections and it was quite a pretty building. I could tell that the roof had been recently renovated; there was new woodwork and the tiles were in good shape.

Callie enjoying the grass next to the barn.

The main part of the barn was locked. But we could see inside through some windows. Another section was open and that's where the garden furniture was stored, along with a barbeque grill and some wood for the fireplace. We made use of that.

The three distinct sections of the barn building, with the house in the background. And there's that dog again!

I really liked how the barn roofs made a kind of cascade. I liked the geometry of it. I am a student of architecture, after all. I really think I could live in a place like this. As long as I had enough money to fix it up to my liking. I spent a lot of time thinking about the changes I'd make if I lived there. What fun!


  1. Walt, want me to visit real estate agents on your behalf? I'd love a chance to see properties near Mortagne representing a mysterious wealthy buyer.

    Here's a little place I've had my eye on. Think it would suit?


    (It sold long ago, so don't get out your wallet.)

  2. I absolutely love that barn too. I've seen a few barn conversions where you have the beautiful stone traditional exterior and an excellent open plan modern interior... really nice.

  3. Walt

    OT: Irene was not "nice" to northern New Englanders - I don't know about upstate NY but Vermont got a beating - 4 old bridges were washed away.

    Here we were w/o power for 22 hours and considered ourselves lucky as compared to Vermont or New Brunswick. Who would think that a tropical storm can create havoc up north?

  4. Every good photographer has a favorite model/mannequin. How lucky for you that yours is always available and poses just right for your photo ops!

    Intriguing barn to me, as well.

    Mary in Oregon

  5. "I spent a lot of time thinking about the changes I'd make if I lived there." Funny, I had the same thought when I first saw the picture.

  6. If I had unlimited funds, I could totally see renovating and living in this place. It's nice to dream, isn't it?

  7. Your love for architecture is reflected in your photography. You make me want to go to all these places.


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