Friday, August 26, 2011

A misty morning in the vegetable garden

This was last Sunday morning, just as the overnight thunderstorms were clearing out. As the sun rose, a mist formed close to the ground out in the vineyard. And while it was quite a warm morning, there was something fall-like about it.

I had just cut the grass the day before. The apples just continue to drop.

I guess it's the ripening apples, the corn plants beginning to brown, the pumpkins in the garden, and the mist. I'll be missing this weather in November when the mists are dense and cold.


  1. You guys really did find... and enhance... your own little corner of paradise.

  2. So,have you harvested any corn yet this year?

  3. That photo just screams "Wizard of Oz".

  4. Don't you hate that re-setting of
    the clocks. Our power company
    clicks over from one grid to
    another every month or so, which
    involves turning off the power
    for just long enough to affect
    the clocks. Those blinking
    numbers are so irritating!

  5. I've enjoyed this Summer with you.

  6. It just can't be. It seems like only a day or two ago you had shown us the corn just starting to grow.

    I'm waiting to see that cob of corn with melted butter on a french plate!

    Mary in Oregon

  7. Another lovely picture. I wonder what kind of picture you would take of a hurricane. Do you get them in France?

  8. mitch, we like it a lot.

    judy, not yet, but we're getting very close!

    cubby, Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

    sheila, I know! I only have five to do since the tv boxes reset themselves by satellite. But stove, microwave and bedside clocks all need setting. If I kept batteries in the bedside clocks, they'd keep their time for short outages, but I don't.

    mark, are you ready for fall?

    starman, you got it.

    mary, so am I!

    ron, one from very far away. We don't get hurricanes per se, but we do get very large low pressure systems. The last big one was in February 2010, named Xynthia. We had hurricane force winds here, and we're a 4-hour drive from the coast. The wind knocked tiles off our roof and blew over two trees in our back yard. We lost power for 4 or 5 days. It was pretty scary.

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