Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Streaking across the sky

I noticed this airliner going by on Sunday morning, just after the overnight thunderstorms cleared off. The storm clouds were receding into the east and the jet and its contrail caught the rising sun full-on.

Since I was out in the vineyard with Callie, I didn't have access to that neat website that identifies planes. I can only guess where it was coming from (somewhere north of us) and going to (somewhere south of us).


  1. As I understand it, the website is area dependant on someone very keen to act as host. No-one does it in our SW France area so we can't get identification of planes landing at Bordeaux, Bergerac, Brive or Bieritz. Nevermind, I still can see what's happening (10mins ago) at Gatwick, nr London, our old stamping area.

  2. You'll have to share the site.

    Nice picture.

  3. Wow... amzing pic!! I love that straight, defined white line cutting across the puffy clouds!

  4. I thought it was jet...I often seen that view in my hometown sky

  5. Probably Paris to somewhere in Spain.

  6. Hey, you can't mention a 'neat website' then not give a link for it. Isn't there a law against that?

  7. lesley, oh, that's too bad. It's a cool site.

    rick, I did a few posts back. It was the August 21 post. There's a link there.

    buddybear, I thought it was a cool sight, so I just had to take a photo!

    balimoz, it was!

    starman, it could have been from somewhere in Scandinavia to a place like Majorca, or Morocco. Hard to tell!

    mitch, thanks!

    cubby, I did link to it in the August 21 post. Sorry I didn't give another link in this one, but if you go back, you will find it! :)


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