Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Next to our fireplace, where the wood-burning stove is, we keep a basket for what I call "burnables." They're paper wrappers and other small things that we can use to help light fires in the winter. When the basket fills up, I bag up the contents and store it in the garage for winter. We burn egg cartons, bread bags, some paper, and wooden camembert boxes.

A typical wooden camembert box that will help light a fire this fall.

This is a recent cheese box that is only noteworthy because the name of the cheese, Gerbe d'Or, is the name of a restaurant where we recently had lunch. The restaurant is in Loches, nowhere near Normandy where the cheese comes from. By the way, une gerbe is a bundle of grain, like wheat, arranged with their long stems all pointing the same way, often tied in the center.  So, une gerbe d'or is a golden bundle of grain, an icon of a bountiful harvest. By extension, it's also the term for a spray of flowers as you'd see at a wedding, a funeral, or other official ceremonies. The word gerbe can also refer to a spray of artillery fire, and in it's verb form, gerber, it's a slang term for losing your lunch (which itself is a euphemism for, well, you know).


  1. my grandbaby (who is almost 2) was served camembert for dessert at his creche recently ....this amazes me and makes me pine for my fav. cheese

  2. I love cheese.This one is tasty.

  3. This cheese is tres $$$ here; Oh how I would love some !

  4. melinda, French kids do certainly eat well!

    gosia, there's so much to choose from, too!

    michael, it's not at all expensive here, and it's fresher. ;)

  5. A hint for starting small wood fires....lint from your clothes dryer! I've been saving mine for
    my kids to use on their next camping trip.


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