Sunday, October 26, 2014

Watching for invaders

This is a watchtower, called an une échauguette or une guérite in French, on the ramparts of the Burgundian city of Avallon. A sentinel stationed inside the turret would be sheltered from the elements and from view, but would be able to see any movement along the approaches to the city.

A sixteenth century watch post on the ramparts of Avallon.

After we took a few photos here, we made our way around the city and back to our route toward Chablis.


    Malta -- look familiar?
    La Valette, Valletta, is considered the first planned city in Europe, built by the knights of Malta after the Turk siege, at the end of the 16th and mostly in the 17th century.

  2. Fantastic watchover in some Polish cities are the same which date back from 12 th century

  3. The top part looks like the top of an acorn. We are besieged by acorns right now, they are falling like rain here.

  4. I had always wanted one of those on my house.

  5. ellen, yup!

    gosia, cool!

    evelyn, I agree. Same here.

    mitch, lol. You could have one!

    pauline, :)


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