Tuesday, October 07, 2014


I planted a couple of raspberry bushes last spring. They've grown a little and even produced a few berries this summer, but nothing like the quantity of berries our neighbor gets. Of course, her bushes have been in the ground for more than ten years. They start producing in the early summer and don't quit until winter. I took this picture on Sunday.

Framboises (raspberries) in our neighbors' garden.

After I snapped the photo, I picked and ate a handful of the berries. Delicious! The neighbors are not there now, so it's okay. When they were here on Friday, I noticed that she was out picking a bowl-full of berries. I hope that my plants will produce more fruit next year. Time will tell.


  1. We too manage to score some raspberries from our neighbor with a big garden. They are soooo good. Good luck with yours.

  2. Walt, do you know whether you have a summer or an autumn
    fruiting variety? They require different pruning methods, I believe.
    And proper pruning encourages berry production. We all know
    you like pruning stuff.

  3. Walt,
    I LOVE raspberries. When I was a kid, we (our family) used to pick wild black raspberries. Then my Mother grew red raspberries. It's a shame they don't hold up by the time they get to the store. Nothing like a little raspberry drizzle on a cold cheesecake.


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