Friday, October 24, 2014

Le cabanon

You've seen this one before. It's the stone storage shed in the vineyard behind our house. It's one of what I imagine are hundreds sprinkled throughout our region. They were once used for tool storage and as a refuge for vineyard workers in the days before it was easy to hop in the car and go home for lunch.

This old shed is made with a mix of stones and concrete blocks and has been patched and shored up over the years.

Most of the cabanons du vigneron that I see around here are more or less abandoned and not used for much anymore. This one is closed and locked up; others are left open to the elements and wildlife. Those are grape vines planted around the shed. They produce grapes (but they're not harvested for wine), and the growers prune the vines back every year.


  1. As a transplant to this country, I continue to be fascinated by all the stone structures and how they just seem to "live" forever.

  2. These are so much more picturesque than than prefab sheds we have.

  3. They are part of the patrimoine and protected from demolition - that doesn't stop them being left to crumble. They make for great photos though.


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