Sunday, October 12, 2014

Left behind

The grape harvest is winding down now. Most of the grapes have been picked, except for certain parcels here and there. I know that one of the parcels out back is planted in chenin blanc, and the grower leaves that for his late harvest wine. But there's also at least one parcel of red grapes that I know of that still needs to be picked.

The bunch on top was taken by the harvester, but the bunch below was left behind.

This bunch of grapes was missed by the mechanical harvester. It's at the end of a row and sometimes the machine doesn't get up to speed soon enough to get the first bunches. The wildlife will probably enjoy them sooner or later.


  1. Walt,
    I'm sure no fruit will go unwasted.

  2. Here's what I commented to Ken's blog: Your local vineyards add so much to your life :) Beauty, Callie-walking territory, blog post topics, and good drinking :)

  3. We have a Brunello from Tuscany in the boot of the car but I think your taste is more to the softer reds of the Touraine - Yes?

  4. I recall a folklore ritual of purposely leaving some grapes on the vine for the faery folk or the birds or Bacchus, to assure next year's good growth.

  5. The wildlife or perhaps the neighbors?


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