Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The last of summer's flowers

Not many summer wildflowers make it into the fall. The notable exceptions are the whites of the wild carrot, or Queen Anne's lace, and the blues of wild chicory, pictured here. The flowers open when they're warmed by the sun. Otherwise, they stay closed up.

Wild chicory grows in and around the vineyard.

Even the wild carrot is mostly brown among the drying grasses these days, but there are still white blooms here and there. They should persist through November.


  1. The wonderful blue of the chicory stays all day now, though...
    which is great.
    In "high" Summer....
    they are frazzled by lunchtime.

  2. Lovely color. Great close up photo, Walt :)
    We pulled out our tomato plants, finally (well, my husband did it while I was at work). It looks so sad and lonely in that empty spot, now, and we have a huge bag of green tomatoes. I guess the beefsteaks I tried this year just need a climate that's hot for an additional month, because we had plenty of tomatoes, but only about a third of them turned red before the colder nights came.

  3. I have never seen those flowers at my place.

  4. Like Gosia, I've never seen wild chicory in bloom. Truly beautiful. Thanks!


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