Friday, October 10, 2014

More fall flowers

These are dahlias, I think, in our neighbors' garden. She has a guy that comes to weed and trim and do general gardening chores. She's nearly eighty, after all, and her husband is well into his eighties, so they can't do much more than putter around. She enjoys her flowers and fruit trees, though, and we often see her out watering or doing other light maintenance.

Pink dahlias in our neighbors' garden.

We had dahlias in our garden for a year or two. I think we dug them up when we re-arranged things in the vegetable garden. I left the tubers in a box for years -- they may still be around somewhere -- and I'm sure they've shriveled into nothing by now. I should find some more. They are perennials and relatively easy to grow.


  1. They really are impressive flowers.

  2. Love those fall flowers!

  3. Dahlias are lovely flowers in fall.

  4. stuart, and they're pretty easy to grow. I don't know why I don't have any!

    ron, I'm sure you have some beauties at your place.

    gosia, I agree.


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