Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday and blogiversary

It was nine years ago today that I started this blog, on the occasion of my return from my first trip back to the U.S. since moving to France. I spent a week in upstate New York to see family and friends, then another week in the San Francisco Bay Area with friends. This photo is from a dinner out in a French restaurant in Silicon Valley; I think it was called "Brigitte's" and it's now gone.

Left to right: John, Candy, me (in back), and Cheryl. A good time was had by all!

Blogging was relatively new back then and I was looking for a way to share photos and stories about our new life in France with friends back in the U.S. Until I started the blog, I was sending emails with photos. Ugh! So 20th century, especially for 2005. So, here we are, nine years and 3,004 posts later, and it's still going on. I don't know how much longer it will last, but I'd like to make it at least to ten years. Facebook seems to be sucking up much of what little attention spans people have left these days. I find FB a little overwhelming and lacking in the personal design elements that a blog can offer. Such is life. I also preferred beta to VHS and look how that ended up.


  1. When you link to your blog from Facebook, it makes it very easy to go and read it. I have so many things to read everyday that I don't always open up your and Ken's blog pages. But your posts in FB remind me that they're out there, and I appreciate that.

  2. We must be two of the few people left on the planet that don't have a FB account. Same with Twitter - we don't tweet either and some people are truly horrified that we can exist in the 21st century without either. Funny, but I don't feel I'm missing anything.
    Mind you, people thought the first radios were just a gimmicky gadget that wouldn't last!

    1. Forgot to say - Happy Blogbversary!
      It's a daily treat I rarely miss!

    2. Make that three.... and tweeting and twittering is only for the birds...
      a web log originated as an easier way to create a personal record of life...
      they have developed into something far bigger than the original concept.
      Twitter accounts are for people who don't have a life!!
      At least, as far as I can see from Pauline's use of hers, it enables greatly dispersed peepilz to remain in contact more personally than at the end of a phone....
      I just wish they wouldn't send me emails that ask me "Do you know EX, WHY & ZED persons? Check out their profiles here!!"
      Shift-Delete every time...
      and, Walt, well done on keeping it up...
      did you ever write a diary for as long?

    3. A few years ago I had to open an FB account to access something. Except for my first name everything is fake, last name, date of birth, picture, etc. Ha, ha, ha! No need to say I don't use it, but because of my e-mail address, I get reminders every so often. They are discarded right away. Lol!

  3. Beta was so much better! Pity!

  4. I don't have a facebork account, nor twitter/instagram/snapchat/etc. not missing a damn thing. hell, I didn't even have a blog until august 4, 2012!

    happy anniversary, walt, and many many more! happy to "know" you!

  5. What a great photo! Happy Blogiversary :) I'm so glad that you and Ken continue to blog-- and, are occasionally there on FaceBook when we call :)

  6. I read your and Ken's blogs everyday. They are so much more than Facebook will ever offer, plus I enjoy your nice group of responders. Happy Ninth to you!

  7. Walt your blog is soooo much better than fb! Thanks for giving us the peek into your wonderful life.

  8. FB is fun, but very thin. I love your blog, and Ken's too; they're something to look forward too every morning.

  9. I shudder to think you'd give up your blog and go to Facebook.

    I'm not on Facebook, but I have started to follow one person on Facebook (because she's moving to the Perche) and I find I just don't like the Facebook format. I'd have to register to comment.

  10. Long time blogging. Congrats.

  11. No Facebook here either. Your blog, and Ken's, are the first thing I look at every morning.
    Keep up the good work...and please don't quit blogging.
    You both always have such wonderful photo's as well.

  12. Bon Blogoversaire ! Keep up the good work... having said that and having had my blog for less than two years, I can already understand why you might not want to do it forever.

  13. ginny, I'm glad that works for you! I mainly keep up with FB because members of my family are there. They don't seem to read the blog, but we communicate through FB.

    jean, yes, I agree you're not missing much. It is a good way to stay in touch quickly with people over different time zones, especially people that don't do much by email.

    tim, I tried tweeting, but found it very duplicative of FB and have abandoned it. And I've never kept a journal, so the blog is it.

    chm, yes. The quality was better, the cassettes were smaller, meaning the machines were smaller, but it was probably more expensive. So, like everything else, profit wins and cheap carries the day!

    anne marie, thanks! Likewise. :)

    judy, I don't think we would have reconnected otherwise! So it's a good thing. :)

    evelyn, thanks! I'm glad you keep reading.

    christine, such high praise! I wish it made as much $$$ as FB...

    chris, agreed. I certainly have blogs I read every day and look forward to.

    carolyn, oh, no worries about that for the time being. My blog is mainly about photos and I like the larger format.

    gosia, thanks!

    jk, merci! No plans to quit for now.

    stuart, thanks. Once it becomes a chore, I'll have to reconsider. ;)

  14. Happy blogiversary!!! I too struggle from time to time with blogging versus sharing on facebook, but always decide that blogging is different and worthy of continuing.

  15. Happy Anniversary Walt, I prefer your's and Ken's blog over FB any day. I so enjoy your posts and look forward to them everyday. Thank you!

  16. Congratulations on the anniversary. Your blog remains as fresh as when I first came across it years ago.

  17. congratulations on your 9th. As you can see I'm lagging woefully behind again ... both in reading and in posting *sigh*

    I don't tweet either - can't see the point. Do have a FB page however and regularly comment/post there. I feel it is a different medium to blogging.


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