Saturday, October 11, 2014

Les fleurs fanées de l'hortensia

Even in decline, hydrangea flowers are decorative. We have one large plant on the northeast corner of the house from which I made cuttings a year or so ago. The cuttings rooted and I planted them in pots, and now they're in the ground. They've grown a little, but I suspect that they're working harder on roots than on leaves this first year. I'm looking forward to next spring to see how much more they grow.

Pink hydrangea flowers as they fade away.

Today I plan to get the chainsaw out and running (change the chain, add fuel) and get started on sawing logs. We stacked them all on Friday morning so the driveway is clear. Now for the long haul of cutting each meter-long log into thirds. Last year I was able to do about thirty logs (sixty cuts) each day before lunch. Because I have wine with lunch, I stay away from using power tools in the afternoons. Besides, there's usually a tennis match or a football game to watch on television.


  1. Hydrangeas of the blue/pink variety around here did not flower much this year. Numerous houses that, last year and the year before, were loaded with big blooms, had only 2 or 3 this past summer.

    Good job on getting 60 cuts done each morning.... that's a huge job each day, and warrants an afternoon of relaxation.

  2. I, too, am looking forward to seeing your new hortensias! Good to stay away from power tools, other than the remote, after lunch and vin.

  3. You are wise to take caution with the chainsaw. I used mine a lot after we had a hurricane hit us in North Carolina in 1996. Fortunately I had no incidents but it only takes a second of not paying attention. I guess next you'll be pulling out the ax to split 'em ?

  4. Wine with lunch! Yet another way I envy your culinary habits.

  5. judy, our pink one only had 3 flowers on it this year. I wonder what's up?

    christine, I never considered the remote as a power tool! LOL

    stuart, yup. But I do the splitting as I go, not all at once.

    michael, lunch is the main meal of the day around here (our house).

  6. The color in decline is breathtaking.


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