Friday, January 26, 2018


The cyclamen in our yard are in full bloom right now. It's nice to look out and see these patches of purple in the grass. It reminds me that spring is on the way. Still, it's early; two more months of winter to go.

The cyclamen come up in patches like this every winter around the yard and give us a little color.

Another sign of the coming spring is the arrival of the 1099s from the US. As citizens residing outside the country, we have until June to file our tax returns, but I'm hopeful that I'll get it done before then. The French tax returns are due in May, and I need to have the US numbers together for that, so there's incentive.

The other thing to do is the census. This year is the second French census we've participated in and this time we can do it on line. Just like our taxes! It makes things a lot easier for us and for the census people as they don't have to come to the house for our completed forms.

Next week February arrives and we'll be eating crêpes. Stay tuned!


  1. I've only ever seen cyclamen in pots. Even more beautiful naturalized... especially beautiful to see I'm sure in winter.

  2. I hope your electronic census works better than ours did. It was a disaster and two hours after opening, it was shut down by the government department. I rather like crepes, both savoury or sweet.


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