Saturday, January 20, 2018


Last night, Ken and I watched a documentary about rooftops in Paris. The show highlighted the roofs of famous buildings like the cathedral of Notre Dame, the dome of the Invalides church, and the glass and steel roof of the Grand Palais. This roof view is not in Paris, but in Rouen in Normandy.

A few of the interesting roof elements on the Rouen Cathedral. Color slide, 199?.

I woke up to rain, as predicted, this morning. Walking the dog will be a short affair once it starts getting light outside, unless there's a break in the rain. The satellite view is not encouraging.


  1. Sunshine here this morning. Bring Tasha for a walk on the beach. That view is beautiful.

  2. I'd love to see that documentary. Can you suggest where to find it on the net? Thanks, Jocelyn

  3. Was the rooftop show part of the series Des Racines et Des Ailes? I saw that show long ago and really enjoyed it.

  4. mitch, that would be nice! She hasn't seen a beach yet...

    jocelyn, It's available on a channel called RMC Découverte, under "Replay" on their website. The title of the show is "Les toits de Paris, un patrimoine révélé."

    chris, I don't think so, but sometimes they edit and repackage those shows, so it could be.

  5. Found it! Restricted from playing in my geographic region. :( Vancouver. Pity as there are several interesting looking shows on their list. Thanks anyway. Jocelyn


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