Monday, January 29, 2018


Wildflowers in January! These little orange flowers, perhaps some kind of daisy, are blooming right now out in the vineyard. I only know of one patch of these; I haven't seen them anywhere else on my walks out there. They pop up every year in a spot close to the dirt road, between two rows of grape vines.

With the recent break in the rain, I was able to take the camera out on a morning walk.

It seems a bit early for these to be blooming, but I'm not sure. The warm and wet weather may have tricked them into believing it's spring already. Whatever the reason, it's nice to see a little color out in the predominantly brown winter vineyard. I should note that there is a lot of green on the ground. Mosses and some little plants, like these, are thriving.


  1. Hi there, they look suspiciously like the common marigold, I know because I have them in my garden and sometimes they make very small flowers like those in your pic, maybe due to it being winter when they can survive but are shrunken! (Bit like us really )

  2. I agree with Stella. I think they are marigolds (Calendula). So they are garden escapees.

  3. The photo definitely makes it look like spring. We have what looks like winter here today. Rough, silver-gray sea and sky (and hibiscus always in bloom).


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