Tuesday, January 02, 2018


Here's a second look at the Zamansky Tower at the Jussieu campus of the University of Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie). The view is toward the east, down the rue des Ecoles to the rue Jussieu.

The 29-story Zamansky Tower at Jussieu.

The new year is here and it's time to get some things done. I plan to get the den cleaned up, starting with filing the pile of papers accumulating on my desk. I need to renew my passport before March, so I will get that started this week. I've downloaded the application form, but I've also got to get a certified check from my bank and a prepaid return envelope before I send everything in to the embassy in Paris. I got official passport photos made the last time I was in the US.

I put away the holiday decorations and took the tree down on Monday. This weekend I'll make the traditional Epiphany galette des rois (cake of the three kings). I also plan to make some bagels this morning. We'll have a lunch of bagels, cream cheese, and smoked salmon later today.

Tasha was restless this morning and I had to take her out at 04h30. Ugh. We tried to go back to sleep but were not very successful.

Our weather continues to be unusually warm with a continuing series of windy and rainy storms coming through. This morning it's calm, but another wave of wind is expected on Wednesday.


  1. Ugh is right! Unless you mean Uga for the University of Georgia lol. It's an all SEC college championship this year in Atlanta! Yay!

  2. Passport photos have to be taken within six months of the application. You know what to say when they ask!


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