Monday, January 15, 2018


Here's an old favorite from 2004 (before I started blogging). I posted it here in 2006 during the blog's first year. It's taken on the grounds of the château at Bouges, about an hour south and east of us. I don't think I've been back there since then. I don't remember what was going on when I took the picture, but I was lucky to have the camera ready.

Four kids on unicycles with one running behind. Château de Bouges, October 2004.

This was before I had my own digital camera. I was using one of Ken's first cameras, a Canon PowerShot Pro 90, undoubtedly set on automatic mode.


  1. In the British Daily Telegraph on-line there is a short video report of Yuan Meng the baby panda at your local Zoo making a public entrance. Very cute and when weaned will be released to the 'wild'.

  2. What a great and rare shot to catch. And I love the contrasting textures, too.

  3. A friend of mine's grandkids learned to ride unicycles in the fourth or fifth grade. It was a school wide program. Wouldn't have been fun to ride one of those as a child of course. Now bikes are a bit dangerous for me now that I'm up there in years lol.

  4. Just think how your photographing life has changed!

  5. Il y a une ambiance particulière, très forte qui se dégage de cette photo. Il doit être très difficile d'utiliser ces engins sur du gravier comme le font ces enfants.


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