Thursday, January 04, 2018


The bridge in this photo is called the Pont au Double (The Double Bridge). There's nothing "double" about it. The name comes from the toll that was charged to cross it: two Roman coins called deniers, a "double denier." The current bridge, built in 1883 and restored in 2002, is the fourth bridge over the Seine at this location. And the toll has long been abolished. The church is, of course, the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

Notre Dame de Paris on the Ile de la Cité and the Pont au Double.

I took this photo in 2016 with my Canon 600D (called the Rebel T3i in the US). I don't use that camera any more since I got the 6D. I do miss the lens I used for this photo, an 18-55mm zoom that turned out not to be compatible with the newer camera.


  1. Notre-Dame is always very photogenic!

  2. Been there a few times. Such a beautiful cathedral and monument. I've read the building is in very a bad condition now and I sincerely hope the French Government will invest money in recovering it!

  3. The first time I saw Notre Dame it was black. I'm glad our air is cleaner now and that we have pressure washers.

  4. chm, especially without scaffolding!

    judy, :)

    jan, they just did a whole bunch of work on the exterior. I don't know who paid for it.

    evelyn, it's amazing how much cleaning has been done since the early 80s.

    raybeard, lol!


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