Monday, January 22, 2018

Funky feline fotos

It's been a while since Bert has shown up here on the blog. Tasha's been absent, too. Chalk it up to our miserable month of rain and wind. This morning, when I took Tasha outside for "business," the wind gusts were blowing rain in my face. Not at all pleasant at 05h30 after just crawling out of bed. The only good part is that it's not really cold: 12ºC or about 54ºF this morning.

Bert stayed dry inside while I watched Grigor Dimitrov win his match against Nick Kyrgios in Melbourne on Sunday.

Once it gets light outside (sunrise at 08h30 this morning), Tasha and I will brave the wind-driven rain for a short walk. It's really just a light rain and Tasha doesn't mind it, but the wind makes it horizontal and that stings her little eyes. I need windshield wipers for my glasses.


  1. Bert knows where his comfort lies - and nothing but nothing will move him away from it.

  2. There's something to be said for lamplight and the warm indoors. We've had sunshine and around 21C in recent days, which is a very good thing since we were COMPLAINING about 14C before that!

  3. Ah! Today we were treated to the outside of the house, on Ken's blog, and to the inside, on yours. And, to Bertie! Love it all!

  4. Bertie has settled in for the duration....happy Tasha has accepted him

  5. I love seeing Bert inside, relaxing, enjoying, just having a good time!

  6. bert reminds me of an egyptian sphinx there.


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