Friday, January 19, 2018


And plenty of it. The wind and rain have calmed down, temporarily. Another wave is predicted for the weekend. Joy. I haven't taken the camera out in weeks. The weird thing is that it's not really cold. In fact, the unseasonably warm temperatures are expected to continue for a while. Normally, January and February are our coldest months.

Escalator in the Pompidou Center, Paris, 2011.

I'm sure people around here are wondering if we're going to have a freeze this year. They always say that we need a good freeze or two to kill off the excess of bad bugs and weeds and molds. And then there's the probability of an early spring with a freeze or two in April. Like last year, spring freezes wreak havoc with the grape crop, especially if the vines start budding out early because of a warm winter. Oh well. Time will tell.


  1. Let me reassure you, your warmer winter is nothing to do with global warming. I double checked this fact with a politician.

  2. Writing from just across La Manche from you, my own observation is that for most of recent Winters (over, say, the last six or seven years) what seemed like our coldest stretches took place pre-Xmas, usually late Nov and early Dec, and so far this current season seems to be following that pattern - at least for southern England. I've got no stats to verify it, mind you. Just a sense.

    Re global warming: What frightens me about a possible effect, even though I probably won't be around to see it if it happens, is the melting of the Arctic bringing fresh water southwards into the Atlantic which could either push the Gulf Stream further south or send it down to the Oceanic depths, in either case making us lose its warming effect on this part of Western Europe - a result of which could be that around here we'll be getting Canadian-type extra-harsh Winters, and Summers with cold ocean currents. Perhaps I'm being too alarmist. I only hope I am.

  3. You got plenty of nothin and nothin’s plenty for me

  4. Here in Alabama we've had two snows and two bouts of pipe freezing temps. I hope that means no mosquitoes this year lol.

  5. Climate change or no, I'd appreciate moderate temps for the next few days. Heading out on Sunday and Monday for your side of the world, although farther south and west of you. I so do not want to drag a heavy coat along.

  6. andrew, phew! I never believe anything until I hear it from a politician.

    raybeard, you're right, we have been having chilly Decembers the past few years. The warming is having an impact on the weather. It would certainly by ironic if that means colder weather for northwestern Europe.

    mitch, I'd rather hear "Summertime." ;)

    evelyn, wouldn't that be nice!

    emm, have a good trip!


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