Thursday, January 18, 2018


This is another shot from the rooftop café and observation platform that once existed on the top of the Samaritaine department store. The basilica of Sacré Cœur in the distance draws the eye immediately toward the Butte Montmartre. But what I like best about this image is the closer dome of the Bourse de Commerce, former home of the Paris Commodities Exchange. It sits at the western end of the Les Halles development area.

Sacré Cœur and the Bourse de Commerce seen from La Samaritaine. Color slide, 199?.

Since 1998, the building belongs to the Paris Chamber of Commerce which offers business services to French and European enterprises doing business in Paris. The building and its dome have status as a historical landmark/monument.


  1. on a visit to see my daughter I rented an apt near La Bourse & one night on my way to her apt the Bourse was the site of some elegant soiree...tuxedo clad men & elegant ladies...and the building was lit up with pinkish mood lighting......some sort of charity affair or fund raiser perhaps

  2. Great photos as always. I wonder if the developers of the Sama have preserved the tile panorama from the roof terrace.

  3. Love seeing this view. I love spotting Sacre Coeur from the train ride from Roissy. Then I know I have arrived in Paris.

  4. melinda, cool!

    jocelyn, I wonder, too...

    evelyn, and coming in from the south I look for the Eiffel Tower.

  5. The old Bourse is about to become a new museum:

  6. Hi Walt! You jogged a memory with this post. That vista from the rooftop of La Samaritaine was one of my favorite spots of a «Paris insolite», a Paris which unfortunately has joined the ranks of a «Paris de jadis». Hope all is well with you and Ken!

  7. kiwi, thanks for the link!

    dean, good to hear from you! And thanks to you and Jean for the holiday greetings. :)


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