Monday, February 11, 2019


The storm moved through and the wind died down. We got a bunch of rain. Last night, when I looked out the window sometime around 02h00, the stars were clear and bright. The constellation Orion is getting lower in the western sky. We're more than half-way through winter now.

This vineyard parcel, planted in sauvignon blanc, is waiting to be pruned before spring.

As soon as things dry out a little, I plan to make the rounds with the wheelbarrow and gather up the twigs and branches that were blown out of our trees. It happens every year. It's mostly dead wood that comes in handy as kindling for the fire, but first it has to dry. It doesn't take long.

Today we're expecting the installation of a new electric meter. France is systematically replacing traditional meters with new high-tech machines that don't need to be read by a person. The new meters transmit the customers' electricity consumption to the company automatically. As it is now, our monthly electric bill is an estimate based on last year's use. A meter reader comes twice a year, and the bill is adjusted at the end of the year. Once the new meter is in, we'll pay for actual monthly usage without needing an adjustment in December. En principe, as they say.


  1. Our building is in the process of converting to natural gas. The new lines are connected but we are currently without a meter. I wonder if our new meters will be like yours. Sure would be nice!

  2. There's lots of PR in the UK too to encourage "smart meters"

  3. Even my for-profit electric utility in NC is urging people to conserve electricity. I imagine some of it is a reaction to bad press from people unhappy about higher bills, but some may truly be environmentally driven.
    I've been watching Orion, too. It's one of the few I can see because of all the city light pollution.

  4. here they are called "smart meters"; I got one about 3 years ago. my electric/gas usage is $217/month; it never changes. I am warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


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