Saturday, February 16, 2019

No-snow drops

We haven't had any snow (aside from some flurries) so far this winter, but the snowdrops don't care about that. They're up. I wish we had some in our yard, but we don't. I found this patch in the woods out by one of the vineyard parcels we walk around. There's another big patch down at the bottom of the hill, along one of the other paths that Tasha and I frequently take.

Snowdrops pop up through the leaf litter as if it were snow.

The door handle for the refrigerator arrived as expected on Friday and was easy to install. Just like new! I actually ordered two of them so that we'll have a spare in case there's another break. I also decided to order two new digital lamp timers. The analog timer we use in the entry is a pain to program accurately, and right now the lamp there is coming on around three in the morning. That's because the power was off last Monday when the new electric meter got installed and I had to reset the timer. Like I said, finding the right time on the dial is not easy. I have two digital timers already and they work great. They even have battery backups so they don't lose time or programming when the power goes out.


  1. We don’t have any lamps on timers. I just have the cats turn them on when they get up.

  2. We have a clump of snowdrops here at our new place that need to be divided. I wish I could share them with you...

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  4. The spare: Now all you have to do is 1) remember that you have it, and 2) recall where you stored it.

  5. no snow drops up yet here. real snow yes.

  6. I'll bet that some of those wild snowdrops would be happy to live in a more settled place, like your garden.

  7. they look quite spring-like, like aconite.

  8. mitch, I know you're kidding because cats always wait for breakfast in bed.

    evelyn, that would be great! Alas...

    chris, my thoughts exactly.

    anne marie, I'll take the snowdrops. ;)

    emm, I tried that once. They didn't make it. :(

    michael, it's always nice when the spring flowers make their appearance. But I read that aconite is quite poisonous. Yikes!


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