Saturday, February 02, 2019

Just for fun

And because I haven't taken the camera out in the crappy weather lately, here's a shot of the trivet in the shape of a Petit Beurre cookie that I talked about the other day. It's much bigger than the actual cookie, but it's a faithful reproduction nonetheless.

It's more decorative than it is a useful trivet.

The days are getting longer, but we've been having rain off and on for a while. I don't really like taking the camera out in the rain. For that matter, I don't really like taking the dog out in the rain. But a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do, if you know what I mean. Our walks are short and wet.


  1. I love the trivet... but I love the cookies more. And the trivet only makes me crave the cookies. We finally had a good soaking. It poured all Thursday night and into the morning. No rain during the day, which is good for the tourists... well, and for us, too, I suppose.

  2. I'm with you on the cookies....i want one of these trivets!

  3. Yesterday, as I was coming home in the 45°F weather, I was thinking, "Ah! Spring is starting!"...and then I remembered that it was 5°F the day before, and -5°F the day before that, with snow and ice covering everything. Ha! It's supposed to hit the 60s°F here in St. Louis this weekend. Nuts.

  4. mitch, today (Sunday) dawned bright and sunny. We'll take it!

    melinda, I wonder if you could find one on Amazon?

    chris, oh, we did!

    judy, crazy weather! Soon, though, spring will be here. :)


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