Thursday, February 28, 2019

Little lambs eat ivy

I'm not sure what to make of this ivy growing up a fence post. It kind of looks like a mop of hair atop a skinny teen. Maybe I spend too much time looking for things to photograph around the vineyards.

Maybe it's an Enting?

This common ivy grows everywhere around here. It climbs up our tree trunks like it climbed up that fence post. Year after year we're out there cutting it off at ground level so that it doesn't take over and kill the trees. Of course it grows back, but there's really no way to pull it out by the roots. Maybe if we had some little lambs in the yard, they'd eat it all up. But they'd probably eat everything else, too.


  1. Not quite... lambs and sheep are choosy.... but goats... well they'll eat everything... including Sterling Board / OSB, as our neighbour discovered!!

  2. Lots of unwanted Ivy here in Birmingham also.

  3. tim, poetic license... ;)

    judy & evelyn, like we don't have enough to do!


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