Friday, March 01, 2019

Now that the sun is gone

It happened. The clouds came back and the temperature dropped. It's not really cold, but cooler than it has been. We're expecting rain toward the end of the weekend. So, here's a photo of a bright sunny morning in the vineyard!

That's my shadow stretching into the vine rows.

We're making stuffed cabbage for lunch today. Ken had blanched and frozen the outer leaves of a savoy cabbage a couple of weeks ago when we made a pot-au-feu (essentially a boiled dinner), and today's the day we'll use them. I'll grind some pork shoulder and we'll make up a stuffing for the leaves, then roll them for the steamer. Yum!


  1. Oooh, I love stuffed cabbage. Photos?

  2. Here in NoVa, we had a dusting of snow during the night. March entered as a lion. I'm looking forward [en avant, in French!] to see the lamb as soon as possible!

  3. judy, I think Ken took some.

    chm, I hear it's going to get colder this week...


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