Wednesday, March 27, 2019


While we walked through the maze that is the old center of Le Puy, little views opened up here and there out over the larger town. That's because the old center is built on the side of a hill. Streets wind up and around the hill toward the cathedral offering pedestrians little slivers of the view below.

The newer "ville basse" (lower city) is built at the foot of the older "ville haute" (upper city). Mmm, pizza!

And yes, there are still cars in the old center. Most of the streets are single lanes and one-way, but people live in town and need access to their homes. Not to mention businesses that need deliveries and refuse that needs to be removed. Some of the streets have access bollards that only residents can activate. This is not a part of town you want to drive around to see. Best to park below and walk up.

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  1. Your photos really do make this look like a charming and inviting place to visit. I’d enjoy the walks and the views.


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