Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Greenway

A few steps from our gîte was a section of la Voie Verte (the Greenway). It's an old railroad right-of-way that's been converted to a bicycling and hiking trail. The trail is about twenty-five kilometers long and, because it was on old rail line, the grade is very gentle.

The section of the Greenway near our rental house. The gentle slope made it a nice place to walk.

The trail goes through several tunnels and over some viaducts. The path is wide and well maintained. It was a great place to walk with Tasha, and she could be off-leash. Not officially, but there were very few people around (I think I saw two cyclists) when we were out walking, so I took the leash off.

Tasha enjoyed her walks on the Greenway.

We also did a few walks up into the woods and hills behind the gîte, again without the leash. Our road was a dead-end and there was almost no traffic. Trails and tractor paths lead out in almost every direction. And the views were great!

A view of Le Puy-en-Velay from the Greenway.

The only downside was the weather. It wasn't too bad most of the time, but it rained enough to make some of the paths through the woods muddy. But what the heck, we're used to that.


  1. Those old train track pathways are wonderful. We have one in Anniston that goes all the way to Atlanta which is about 100 miles. I'm so glad you got this trip and am really enjoying the photos.

  2. Beautiful pictures of a (still) wintry landscape. The gite looks very comfy and really well-equipped! I think I'd have lit the fire every evening, floorheating or not. ;) But that's probably just because we've only got central heating, no stove, unfortunately. Lovely pictures, enjoyed them. Thank you!

  3. That looks so idyllic! Rain or shine.


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