Saturday, March 02, 2019

Everybody must get pruned

This parcel hadn't been touched when I took this photo last week, but since then I've seen the pruners out there getting it done. They were two of the vineyard workers that we've come to know over the years, but who we hadn't seen in a while. We both wondered if they were still employed by that particular grower. They are, they've just been working in some of the other parcels farther from our house.

A sea of vine canes. Each trunk will only have one cane left when the pruners get done.

This parcel is just beyond the one pictured in yesterday's post. That one has already been pruned. Both V. and J.-F. were happy to see Tasha and she even let them pet her. She's known them since she came to live with us, which will be two years in May. Time flies!


  1. With everything budding already, they had to get the work done earlier this year. The tree in front of my window is about to burst! And the raspberry patch is not far behind.

  2. We're having wacky up and down weather -- expecting several inches of snow, and a low of 5°F Sunday... but, daffodils are several inches up out of the ground, and it was in the upper 50sF last week.


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