Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tasha Tuesday

A little more Tuesday than Tasha this week. There she is outside the gîte in Le Puy-en-Velay during one of our morning walks two weeks ago. The part of the building we stayed in is not visible in this shot; it's behind the ruins of the barn and dovecote.

Tasha wonders what's inside that old barn. A cat? A rat? A pigeon?

I'm cat sitting this week. One of our neighbors went down south for a few days to see her daughter and new grand-daughter. I go over to her house to let the cat in and out and feed her (the cat) twice a day. This is the neighbor who did the same for Bert while we were away.


  1. Little Tasha always looks so eager and interested in her surroundings. Sweet girl!

  2. I too cat sit for my neighbors when they go "downdashore" in july. they have 2 boys (brothers) who are the sweetest cats.

  3. judy, she's a good dog! :)

    anne marie, that's nice of you! To you take the cats in or let them stay at home?

  4. Tasha always looks so thoughtfilled.


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