Wednesday, March 13, 2019


The gîte we rented in the Auvergne had three nice bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. I decided to publish photos of all of them in one post so as not to drag this out. Two of the bedrooms had double beds and the third had two single beds.

Two single beds in this room.

As with many gîtes, guests are expected to bring their own bed linens, meaning sheets and pillow cases. Pillows and blankets are often supplied. Some gîtes offer linens for an extra charge, but we took ours along in the car.

The biggest bedroom, although my photo doesn't show it all.

The beds in this place were fitted with mattress and pillow protectors and bedspreads. Pillows and extra blankets were available in the closets. The owners told us not to worry about making or stripping beds at the end of our stay because they change all of it between guests. All we had to do was take our sheets and pillowcases off.

The green room. We didn't use this one, and kept the door closed during our stay.

The bathroom was nice. It felt newly re-done. The only window was small, on the north side of the building, but the room was bright and well-lit. We liked the towel warmer, which is really more of a towel dryer. No cold and clammy towels! These are becoming standard items in gîtes these days. The last four places we stayed had towel warmers installed.

The bathroom.

All in all, it was a very comfortable place to spend a week. My only complaint, if you could call it that, was that the living room needed a second coffee table. I improvised and used a wooden chair from the green bedroom as a side table.

The closet and window in the twin-bed room.


  1. Those quilts are really nice. I worry about having to take bedding and towels as they take up so much space in the car - along with doggy requirements! That gite looks good.

  2. As charming inside as out. And updated, too. Love the wood!

  3. Lovely!
    Did you have to bring your own dishwashing liquid and coffee filters, too?

    1. Yes. We treat gîte-staying like camping... Take what you need, or be prepared to buy it after you arrive.

  4. Towel warmers are good. The rooms look pleasant, although that green color is a bit bilious.

  5. potty, we have to do some creative packing!

    mitch, it was very comfy, just like home!

    judy, we didn't have to, but you never know, so we did. I ended up using our own dish liquid so as not to use up what was there. People leave things behind, like S&P, paper towels, coffee filters, and even TP. We do that, too.

    evelyn, those jets on the side were strange! I tried them, but didn't like them.

    emm, it's great to have dry towels in the morning!


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