Thursday, March 21, 2019


I liked how this crumbling stone wall looked against the hillside. I passed it on one of my morning walks with the dog, up the hill behind our gîte. The mornings were chilly, but not really cold. Even so, we saw some patches of snow in shady places.

You can't see them in this photo, but there were cows grazing in the pasture on the upper left.

I have many more photos of the trip to the Auvergne to share. I'm trying to balance them with the pictures that Ken is posting so that we're not showing the same thing at the same time. Not that it matters much. We see things in different ways most of the time.


  1. Still charming. There were old stone walls all over Connecticut. I was once walking through our own woods and was shocked to find one buried among the mess (unfortunately under poison ivy, too).

  2. That picture looks as if it could have been in New York State or most anywhere in New England. Those dry stone walls were originally much higher and trimmer than they are now, but a couple of centuries of neglect plus frost heaves will do 'em in.


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