Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tasha Tuesday

Here she is, looking up the stairs in our gîte, wondering what Ken was doing up there. We were packing up and preparing to leave on Saturday morning.

Who's making that noise up there?

Today, Tasha goes to the groomer. She really needs a bath and some trimming, but mostly she needs a good brushing. Her undercoat is really thick and I'm not good at brushing it out. The groomer has a special table with a harness for the dog so she can really get in there with the brush.


  1. Well, by now, Tasha must be all prettied up!

  2. Those yellow walls and red furniture make for a cheerful gite. I hope Tasha enjoys her time with the groomer.

  3. judy, yes she is!

    evelyn, she doesn't like getting brushed so the groomer has to put a muzzle on her. :(

  4. Ah, it isn’t pretty being easy... oh I mean it isn’t easy being pretty. Wel... both.


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