Saturday, March 16, 2019

Tartelettes au citron

Ken found these little lemon tarts at the bakery that was closest to our gîte. They were quite tasty. Before we visited this particular bakery, we got some little strawberry tarts from the bakery in the big supermarket nearby. I have to say that the supermarket's tarts were every bit as good as the traditional bakery's tarts.

I wonder how many times a day the baker has to pipe the word "citron" (lemon) on his tarts.

My first instinct is to think that bakeries make better breads and desserts than supermarkets. But these days, the supermarkets' bakeries have improved and are giving the traditional boulangeries and patisseries a run for their money. That's good on one level (better products), but bad on another (putting small bakeries out of business). We often buy baguettes at Super U and Intermarché. They offer four for the price of three, traditional baguettes and whole grain baguettes. And you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between them and the baguettes from the smaller bakeries.

Of course, the smaller bakeries make many different kinds of breads and pastries that you won't find in the supermarket. And the overall quality is better in many of the mom-and-pop bakeries around us. The trick is to find the good supermarket products and continue to patronize the smaller bakeries when you can.


  1. those citron tartes look dee-lish! local bakeries are few and far between; it's hard to find one.

  2. Yummy anywhere you can find one!

  3. I think bread may be the best example of how Yanks don't value bread. What we eat is sliced stuff. The local supermarket makes bread (I haven't tried it) but it looks like few buy it as 'too expensive' when a loaf of wonder bread is a fraction.

    1. we visit the "day old" bread rack in our supermarket and find loaves of seeded rye and sourdough and italian sesame seed. no wonder bread EVER in this house! and the bakery dept. will slice the loaves for you through their machine!

  4. anne marie, I remember neighborhood bakeries from when I was a kid. The mother of one of my neighborhood friends worked in one. Not many of them are left.

    evelyn, :)

    michael, the supermarkets all sell that kind of bread here, too. The quality varies, of course, but some of it is good.

  5. I've also recently noticed that our supermarket bakery competes (and often surpasses) other bakeries around town. When I saw your photos, I assumed you and Ken had produced those beauties. See how much I think of your talents?


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