Sunday, March 24, 2019

Le Puy

This is the central part of Le Puy-en-Velay. You can see the south side of the cathedral, its tower and dome, hugging the hillside. On top of the volcanic rock formation is the much larger than life statue of Notre Dame de France. It's made from cast iron and dominates the city. There's a stair that visitors can climb up to the base of the statue, but we didn't take it. There's an admission charge, and we really didn't feel up to the climb after having just "climbed" up into the central part of town. Plus, we had the dog with us. And it was chilly. Excuses? I got a million of 'em.

You can see the stair winding its way up from behind the cathedral to the statue up on the rock.

Saturday was as nice as predicted and we got outside for a while. I got the snow peas planted and Ken harvested the kale that overwintered in the garden. He's cooking it up this morning and will put it into the freezer for future meals.


  1. A cast-iron statue? Now I'm going to be wondering how they got it up there. :-)

  2. mitch, the stone is very dark, but it kind of works.

    evelyn, very!

    emm, aliens!

  3. You can also climb up inside the statue .. I had a photo showing my husband's face looking out a little window just under the Virgin's left arm.


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