Friday, March 22, 2019

Another castle on the Loire

Except that this part of the Loire Valley is about 400 kilometers (a four-hour drive) from our part of the Loire Valley. Just north of Le Puy-en-Velay is the town of Lavoûte-sur-Loire, and just outside of town is this rather large château, Lavoûte-Polignac.

The château sits in the deep valley carved by the young Loire River in the mountains of the Auvergne region of France.

We drove up to the grounds and parked and took a walk, with Tasha, right up to the front door, which was locked up tight. The castle was closed to visitors for the winter. We hadn't planned to go inside, but it would have been nice to get into the courtyard and see the front of the place. Oh well.

Entering the town of Lavoûte-sur-Loire. When you enter any town in France, the speed limit becomes 50 km/h unless otherwise posted. The yellow diamond means we have the right-of-way on this road.

Still, we were able to see the castle's back side by getting some distance and taking photos from across the river.


  1. I had a friend in NYC who lived in a miniature imitation of that chateau. They actually called it The Chateau!


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